'; Saille Mawson | CCC2019 cCHALLENGE
I am a barrel house dweller in the Findhorn Ecovillage.Thinking about the plastic in everyday things I use, I want to reduce it and hope by setting my self this challenge I may find out things that could be useful to others too.
My challenge
Research, source and change to plastic free toothpaste and shampoo.

Day 30: Gratitude and next steps

Thanks to all who have posted and shared their challenges. I have been influenced by all of you- some have got me thinking more  deeply about my choices..

My next step is  to head towards having a plastic free shelf of toiletries in my bathroom. Looking at how many of the things come in plastic really hit me..

Day 30: Update on compostable tubes for toothpaste stocked in our local shop

So between us, Kaisa and I, have worked out that none of the toothpastes currently stocked in the Phoenix  are made of compostable  PLA plastic.

Apparently, fluoride based toothpastes  are all sold in aliminium based tubes as there is some reaction between the fluoride and the plastic.

Neither the plastic or the aliminium as far as I am aware are recyclable at the moment.. That is a heck of a lot of landfill !


Day 30: Update on Truthpaste trial

So it took me about 7 days to get used to having a clay based product as the basis for cleaning my teeth. I did have a slip back a few times when I was in a rush and reverted to some Kingfisher as it was quicker to use. The truthpaste requires more presence with what I am doing !!

I do plan though going forward to ditch plastic tubed toothpaste and having found a product I feel happy with makes this so much easier!

Day 24: A small ripple

Mentioned my challenge to a movement colleague who has  asked me to bring a Truthpaste  for her to our peer movement group meeting this week and  has  stimulated a  larger conversation and information sharing  about plastic free  toiletries  within the whole group  on line before we meet up down South….. Little ripples….

Day 23: Asking questions and getting others involved –

When I bought the toothpaste this week, the stockist in the Phoenix, our local shop had a really positive response to my request about finding out which shampoos and toothpastes stocked there, if any, are actually  in containers made from PLA  (compostable plastic). I am curious to find out when I go back later in the week!

Day 23: Toothpaste now on trial

Having got back home after a few weeks away,  I finally have been able to go to our local community shop this week and pick up some Wintergreen Truth paste( made in the UK).  It meets all my criteria except for the low cost bit.  Felt a bit unpleasant at first not having the usual frothy texture (actually made by the detergent in the usual stuff – which is environmentally one of the worst things about it – argh!)  I noticed some doubt creeping in about will this REALLY look after my teeth and gums. It made me realise  that switching to new things involves of course a leap in faith and getting used to the unfamiliar.  Going to trial it for a month now to see. On the positive side, I  already feel a lift when I see the glass pot knowing that is one less plastic tube I am using  in my life !

Day -1: Biodegradable packaging

OK !  I am starting with the toothpaste.My first research has revealed a company in Sweden who, it seems, are the first in Europe to be producing a ‘green’ toothpaste in a biodegradable tube:


My challenge has more to it. I want to like the product, know that it is made without harm to the planet and is  good for teeth/gum health and any packaging is biodegradable. Plus it needs to be easy to source and not too expensive.

Next step:to try this one. Has to be bought in bulk so I plan to ask friends to give it a go as well  and see what the feed back is. Cost is about £5 a tube  at the moment if I get the minimum order.Phew! Could see if the Phoenix our local shop would be willing to trial it ? Monetary cost is often something which is an obstacle to making changes  ….