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Live in Findhorn ecovillage.
My challenge
Nature connection challenge

Day +1:

The video didn’t upload not sure if it will work this time !

Day +1: Water !

I’ve been laid up with a virus these last few days.  Noticing in my body if I am very still and my mind is quiet I can feel the cells in my body vibrating.  Trying to keep myself hydrated I ponder on the power of water.    I took this short clip earlier on in the challenge when I was contemplating on nature and water.  


‘Water in its various forms is always on the move, in a complex process known as the water cycle. Global warming is already having a measurable effect on this cycle, altering the amount, distribution, timing, and quality of available water. Water users – from communities, to industries, to ecosystems – are in turn affected: their activities and functions depend, either directly or indirectly, on water.  (Union of Concerned Scientists)





Day 26: Nature in the city

Sky, clouds and birds.   Lift up thine eyes.  Be amazed.  See beauty wherever you are.  Feel gratitude.     From this blessed place  reflect on the suffering in the world.   Allow it to emanate throughout your cells without reaction —— practice equanimity whilst acknowledging the suffering and the denial of what we are doing with our modern consumer lifestyles to nature.  How are we collectively practicing as a dominant species to the detriment of other beings.   So painful, feeling the pain, nature is pain, nature is suffering.    Acknowledging what is happening can be a step towards motivating and sustaining a shift to more wholesome behaviours.  And each in our own small way like a ripple on a pond can start to influence our inner and outer worlds, our communities and beyond — slowly without ego.  Step by step may we become in harmony with all beings in the web of life.


Day 24: Nature ice sculptures

Nature is sculpture.   This cold snap has partially frozen Findhorn Bay.  Today I observed patterns and sculptures in the ice.   It was bright, cold and awesomely beautiful.


These cold snaps around the country are they related to climate change ?    Or just winter.   I do wonder now we have amber warnings and red alerts for snowy weather.  Last year in the so called ‘beast from the east’ all public transport came to a standstill in Edinburgh.  Most shops on Princes Street were closed for a few days.   Scaremongering as red alert.   


When i I was younger we had snowy weather and a little disruption but I don’t remember this level of scaremongering … we just put in the wellies and mittens and got in with it. 

Day 21: Not connecting !

Today I walked to and from the local garage around one mile each way a lovely walk by Findhorn bay.  Now this I thought would be a grand opportunity for nature connection.  I slowed down my footsteps yet my mind was buzzing it was hard to connect.  A lot of resistance —-


Nature is a busy mind, nature is very cold, nature is a pain in my body —–


I did not go into the peaceful state I have done on the other days or have any deep insights —  not sure why !


Ah well nature is a busy mind, nature is very cold, nature is a pain in my body —–



Day 19: Art takes nature as its model (Aristotle)

I visited St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.  I was amazed at the moon portrayed by artist Luke Jerrard juxtaposed in such a unique setting.  The installation artwork brings science and creativity together portraying NASA detail of the moon.


I felt a deep connection as I sat entranced in the cathedral.


I was reminded of the power of the moon and the impact it has on tides.   A King tide is an extremely high tide that occurs when the orbits and alignments of the Earth, Moon and the Sun produce the greatest tidal effects of the year.   These King Tides are a preview of how sea rises will affect coastal places.


I remembered being in the delta area of Bangladesh where during a full moon tide the water came into the town.   River erosion and salination of fertile soil is a huge problem in that part of the world.    The tide went down and the next morning the town was  intact.  Some locals in the area told me how their villages had disappeared into the river and they were scraping a living in shanty villages by the causeway.


Day 16: Nature in the city

Nature in the city


Today I  walked mindfully down Leith Walk in Edinburgh noticing nature in between going into 3 metro supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury and the Coop in a search for eco cleaning products.


I realised to get them you needed to visit a larger out of town store.   Hmm there is an opportunity for lobbying more eco-friendly cities.


So I took a bus mindfully.  Considering the cold as I waited noticing the green residue on the pavement.   The fabulous sunlight on this bright sub zero day.  The clouds in the bright blue sky were awesome I started imagining stories pictured there.  As the bus came I noticed an amazing reflection in the front window of the bus of the sky, four or five cranes and a montage of clouds fine and sliver like threads reaching out across the vista.   I felt an urge to photograph it then I paused and remembered many years ago my deep ecology teacher said ‘dont take photos be in the moment and deeply connect with nature and imprint it on your mind’.    So today there is no photo.    I have noticed on the mindful nature walks that photos I take from a place of calm capture more deeply and seem at least to me to resonate with the essence of the place than those where my mind is intent on the result.


Mindful photography could be a new directions.  And some days like today no photos at all.


Day 16: Nature in the city

Nature in the city




Whispering wind

Trees in the park

Trees on the street

Manicured window box

Resilient plant pushing thru concrete

Moss on old water leak

Nature in the city






Nature in the city

Paper cup




Nature in the city


Buddlia sprouting

Stone mined and carved

By skilful hands






Nature is clouds

Nature is sky

Nature is trees

Nature is sounds

Nature is birdsong

Nature is traffic noise

Nature is human hand

Nature is human

Nature is homeless

Nature is cold

Nature is sunlight

Nature is wind

Nature is climate change

Nature is wandering

Nature is wondering

Day 11: Edinburgh roofs — vegetation

Today was cold I did not go into nature.  I pondered on a photo the guys who are fixing the roof took.  There was bags of vegetation growing in the gutters.  Showing again how resilient nature is.  Noticing how I am slipping away from the challenge and know I have a full on day tomorrow.   Anyone have suggestions and encouragement how do we make these new behaviours ‘non-negotiable’ in our daily life?    I know how much I benefit on many levels from slowing down and connecting to nature.  And how it opens the space for wisdom and insight slips into my mind ———-

Day 10: Nature in the city

Sunlight on a stray, shrivelled leaf.   Reflecting the sandstone of an Edinburgh street.  Nature is sunlight.  Nature is leaves.  Nature is living.  Nature is dying.  

Day 10: Nature in the city ?

Today was busy with meetings in Edinburgh.  How to fit contemplating in nature I mulled.  Between appointments I slowed down and noticed.   Manicured plants in window boxes outside a smart hotel.  How would it be if they grew beautiful, fragrant herbs and edibles and used in their kitchens for seasonal fare.  I noticed dried leaves splendid in the sunlight, a resilient 🌱 growing thru the paving stones.   Why nature is abundant and will survive climate change.   It is us humans who need to change …….

Day 9: Nature in the City, Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Nature in the city.  I took a walk up Calton Hill in Edinburgh.  It was wonderful to see the Dugald Stewart monument through the trees in the golden afternoon.  The light was wonderful for half an hour or so then it quickly got dark around 4.30 pm.


Calton Hill is a part of Edinburgh’s UNESCO world heritage site.   It offers spectacular views of the city, the hills, the clouds and nature.


I am often in Edinburgh indeed stay a few minutes walk from Calton Hill.  It is a wonderful place to contemplate quietly in the city.

Day 8:

Day 8 –  Contemplating in nature on the dunes today.  After a community meeting last night discussed a new development of ecohouses.  Our community needs affordable housing.  Our dunes are a fragile ecosystem already being degraded by the sea.  Cruel choices.  


Day 7: Bird song

Bird Song Spring !   Noticed the birds singing as I went out to nature today.  Reminded me how Rachel Carson spoke of Silent Spring that heralded the environmental movement in the 1960s.  Glad the birds so loudly in voice in the trees around my house.  How strange I do not usually notice ——-

Day 6:

The challenge is to contemplate on climate change in nature everyday.    Today I went to Findhorn Bay noticing ‘edge’ ecosystems  salt marshes here in the North of Scotland like  mangrove trees and coral reefs in the tropics are natural response to adverse climate.  When these fragile ecosystems go destruction from extreme weather will wreak havoc.