Think cosmically  …  Feel globally  …  Act locally


The CCC2019 cCHALLENGE will explore creative and innovative ways to shift the focus of climate change conversations from “climate change” to “conscious change” through individual and collective transformation.

For 30 days, participants from the Findhorn Foundation and wider community –  a renowned ecovillage, spiritual community and learning centre in Scotland – will live the change they want to see in the world.

Each participant has chosen one challenge, a small sustainability-related change experiment. During the 30 days, they’ll BE and DO the change and post stories, reflections and insights on this platform. They’ll explore how and why we all matter more than we think when it comes to climate change and transformation.

During the course of the project, they will also receive coaching and guidance from the project leader, Dr. Marilyn Hamilton (Integral City Meshworks), Maria Cooper (Carbon Conversations) and cCHANGE.

This experiment takes place in the lead up to the upcoming international conference Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth, which will be held at the Findhorn Foundation from 20-26 April 2019. The results will be reported at the conference.

This cCHALLENGE round and the accompanying research project and workshop are convened and sponsored by Findhorn Innovation Research & Education (F.I.R.E.) in partnership Dr. Marilyn Hamilton and collaborator, Maria Cooper.


Why does it matter?

All climate change solutions have one thing in common: people. It’s people who develop new technology; it’s people who make decisions in policy and business; and it’s people who make up our social and cultural community.

It’s also people who make room for change.

So then the question is: what role do individuals play in the big picture? How can you make a real difference?

In this experiment we give people the chance to make one small change for the environment for one month. It’s simple and fun … but it’s also surprisingly powerful. By breaking down the big and overwhelming issue of climate change issue into small actions, and making it a personal and achievable change experiment, everyone can do their part.

From this emerge honest and personal stories about change and sustainability. Thus, we change the conversation on climate change, from something technical, frightening and overwhelming, to something relatable, personal and fun.

Social change is a non-linear process that can be scaled up quickly and easily when enough individuals consciously engage with change and realize that they matter and can influence systems and outcomes. The best way to experience the potential for non-linear social transformations is not by experimenting with the climate system, but by approaching life as an experiment.

Read more about the research underpinning the cCHALLENGE here.


cCHALLENGE was developed by

cCHANGE, an Oslo-based company working on transformations to sustainability and engaging people as the solution to climate change and other sustainability challenges. cCHANGE was founded by University of Oslo Professor Karen O’Brien and Linda Sygna. Visit our website for more information.